Fresh Slates…

I always start the day with a new, clean fresh slate.

Nothing trickles over from the previous day (at least in the beginning)

It’s important to begin the day like this, so you can fully receive the new ideas that are waiting on you…

Like a fresh sheet of paper

(which is always important to have)

Like life, the previous day was simply one of many.

It was a set of experiences, and there were things that happened, but did they ultimately have any bearing on how you will feel today…

or even what you will do today?

You can’t even be 100% sure that yesterday even existed…

All that we know is today, and we have no clue what it has in store for us…

(until we program it)

The beginning needs to be a time of awakening, a completely new beginning in which you begin with a ritual.

The ritual should be a way for you to communicate what you wish to receive, the ecstasy you want to experience

The limitless happiness you want to achieve

The people you want to empower and help overcome all obstacles in their live

And make aware

Aware of the fact that we all can have it all

We were actually meant to

Before we all jacked in and let them reprogram us

To hate what we don’t understand

To hate people that show us how to escape

From this point on, you have permission to have

Endless, gluttonous everything

And as easily and readily as you could possibly ever want it.

Consider this YOUR new slate…

Just by reading this, it will become possible for you.

Let my words reprogram your mind so that you believe such things are possible, if you don’t already.

Maybe you’re sitting in a prison cell somewhere and you think no this isn’t possible, and yet it is.

As long as you have not lost your mind, the clean slate is always available, the evidence always there:

As soon as you fall asleep, you wake up somewhere else, in dreams that feel just as real as life.

The writing and the manifestation is infinitely available to you in the same way, waiting for you to tap into it.

The clean slate, a fresh sheet of paper can free you from your bondage.

It can break your chains.

It can free your mind,

Use your words and communicate with the reality you want created.

Let it know your purpose here on this planet and what worlds you are interested in traveling while you are here…

There are only two choices when the sun rises

-keep carrying the past along for the ride and life will quickly leave you in the dust as you die a thousand times.

-Begin with the clean slate, and you can taste immortality today, right now, for the rest of your life and the next


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PSS: I’m still working on my overview for the 4-week one on one intensive I’m about to drop. I want to be able to change a life and I’m putting a lot of thought into it.

Well, not so much thought as just tuning into this new frequency I’m on and listening for what feels right.


Matter of fact I’m going to change five lives during this process.

This will be for a select few looking to completely DEFY the limitations of their business and life and bulldoze through the whatever the fuck it is that’s holding them back.

Oh yeah-I’m in search of my “Cheat Code” clients.


Just like a video game, when you punch in the right combination on the controller, it unlocks certain special features within the game that go beyond what you are actually supposed to be able to do.

In the same way, I’m looking for my clients that the world says shouldn’t even exist… (but I happen to know they do)

Those that do the work, those that want to make it to the next level (and WELL fucking beyond), those that want to change the world.

If this sounds like you, shoot me a message and I’ll put you on my list to get you this overview when it comes to me.


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