I follow many people online.

(I think a good leader is a good follower, or at least has been in the past.)

I follow people who occasionally say shit I don’t agree with, and that’s okay…

I still find value in many other things they say.

Once it’s obvious that they are not living the lives that they speak on – aka being incongruent – that’s when I’ll usually hit them with an unfollow.

It’s at that point I’ve noticed that they are using their resources to bring people down instead of lift them up – usually out of some misguided sense of moral superiority.

Case in point: I saw a leading motivational speaker and leader tell his audience that if you are white in America there is no reason for you to be broke.

Ahhh ha.

So what are you saying about the other races in America?

Are you giving them an excuse, a way out?

He ended up deleting the video he made, but the internet never forgets, and neither do I.

The fact remains: The man was selling shit to people that he would never ever make a purchase of himself, and never has.

He would never have achieved the massive amount of wealth he has acquired today with that attitude.

In this broadcast I talk about these folks and why you should keep your eye on the messages you take in.

I also talk about how to pay attention to your truth.

If I would have been blindly following this dude and accepting all programming without filtering it through my truth, who knows what kind of sheepery I would be in on right now.

Free your mind,


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