Today I woke up around noon every day, as I do.

I stay up until about four AM every night so I can connect half in the United States, and also so I can go out and create the experiences I want to have.

It works out very, very well for doing exactly what I want right now.

When I wake up, I will immediately get up, walk past the pool to the lounge area and grab a coffee, come back and get started on my daily routine of reading books and taking notes.

Around noon or so, the staff will come by to clean my room, at which point I’ll get out to go get another coffee.

Any time I step outside of my room at the place I live now, there are friends waiting to talk.

This place is full of long termers, and we’ve developed quite the traveling community for now.

People say it’s hard to make friends while being nomadic, and to some degree that’s true; but if you plant your flag for a little bit you can actually make it work.

We are all making it work right now.

As I stepped out today, the staff was taking an unusually longer time in my room.

They were also calling more people to the room, so I knew something was up.

Moments later, one of the staff members comes out holding a medium sized snake by the neck.

It wasn’t poisonous, but it did bite.

Everyone outside was shocked, but we all know that comes with the territory here in Bali.

You’re going to find some sort of insect or reptile in your room any day of the week, usually something harmless like a cricket or a gecko.

Today it was this snake, which normally I wouldn’t have given much thought, except for a conversation I’d had with my friend Trinidy the day before.

She was telling me about the meaning behind running across certain types of animals.

No less than a year ago, I would never be caught entertaining these types of connections.

A bunch of hokey shit that has no meaning.

The universe is random.

Now I think different, and it’s because of the new relationship I have with reality.

One of choice; one of trust.

These things, the coincidences are all part of the magic world that I not only exist in, but have created.

This snake was part of my story, so I looked up what it meant to run one.

The snake symbolizes tranformation.

It represents healing, life force, primal energy and life changes.

The past few weeks, I have been connecting and networking with so many new people, but no just that:

Bringing people together.

I’ve been challenging myself to adopt the ways of my highest version self, and how he operates in the world of communication, not just with his own reality but with the people around him.

Every night, I endeavor out for at least two hours a night, making these connections and talking to people.

I’ve been doing this for months, but it has recently started to take even more magical turns, from crazy Russian villa parties to deep conversations at huge night clubs.

All of these things are taking place while I have handicapped myself.

What does this mean?

Let’s look:

-I only speak English (and a little Spanish), so it started out very difficult to communicate.

Despite this, I still make it work through use of body language and using an app called Duolingo to learn basic words.

Even though I really don’t know shit about the languages yet, people still appreciate the one or two words and phrases you’ve picked up.

These are decent conversation starters that lead into other things, plus most people have a basic grasp of the English language.

-I am communicating with some of the most beautiful women on the planet every time I go just about anywhere.

Most men would be extremely intimidated by this, but I’m not. I used to be, but they are the majority here.

Who else are you going to talk to?

-Most nights I go out by myself and create these stories from scratch.

Even though my social circle here is growing quickly and it’s getting easier for me to bring people into this world, I find the challenge of building these things out of nothing the best way to show reality that I am showing up to boot camp ready for war.

I’m not cheating myself and trying to do things the easy way, I trust the lessons I am learning through every situation presented, even the most challenging.

-I’m also doing all of this alcohol and drug free.

That’s right: Every night it gets easier and easier for me to find the joys and freedom that comes with taking a shot or a drink.

This is simply a muscle that has to be worked just like your mind, just like your legs and arms.

The reason people drink is to make it easier to interact in social situations, surrounded by people.

Some people quit drinking and then quit going out, but why would you do that?

If you had such a great time while drinking, those vibes are still available and you can still access them.

You can still be the life of the party; you can have that feeling you get when you are absolutely liberated of your inhibitions by the use of alcohol.

In fact, I think alcohol is only doing about 10% of the work most of the time. The rest is all you.

Everything is all you.

The way you feel about any situation that you fear, when you hold back from talking to the beautiful woman.

When you hold back from being you and saying exactly what you think; when you decide to stop yourself from going on a new adventure.

These things are not actually you, but products of listening to the fear mind; the doubting thinker that has been programmed inside of you.

I’ve had this for much of my life, but not always.

There were some gaps when I was able to see that I had the ability to let myself be free and say what I wanted to, mostly when I was an alcoholic.

There were times when I went out as an alcoholic and created some amazing and magical situations around me, also some fucked up ones that ruined some friendships.

I can look at these times and see that I do possess those abilities already, and the way I see it if I can do it once, I can do it again and again.

There is no chemical that causes it; the ingredients are already the inside waiting on me to create a new recipe.

The tranformation will happen when you start baking the cake, just as I am experiencing my own tranformation.

The shift from disbelief to something higher; the connection with the artist that plays on their own terms and trusts completely that the rest will be handled.

That shift is already being made every day that I’m dancing with reality, but the levels at which it is happening just continue to get higher with each day.

I believed the snake signifies the destruction of my fear mind.

Last night when I went out I felt the shift in talking to people; I felt a calm comfortable feeling like the club I was at was home.

Like I’d just woke up and there was a party going on at my own house, and I just wanted to walk around and make everyone feel welcome.

There is no intention behind this, in fact the exact feeling I feel when drunk, and also on psychedelics, only warmer.

I’m looking for this feeling every time I step outside and go get some fresh air; I want to welcome everyone in to my reality and invite them to become part of it, and I can’t do that if I’m attached to old outcomes.

Releasing these old outcomes and intentions is the path to true transformations; truly leaning into a new perspective that is uniquely your own is the only path to personal fulfillment.

In this reality, this game, the character must level up.

Plato and Aristotle disagreed on a lot of things, but one thing they both agreed upon was the concept of teleology; and that’s the philosophy that the universe is striving towards perfection.

Transform to that next level and allow yourself to embrace the serpent.

Free your mind,




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