She’s a glimpse of what’s waiting for you when you give up on your bullshit story…

That you are good enough, that you have to interact with people who aren’t aligned with your purpose, or rely on those who only allow you to sell yourself short.

How long will you wait until you make her yours?

If you’ll just indulging in your resistance, falling prey to it time and time again like you always do.

You say that you want these things; to be this person but your actions show that you only have believe.

Time and time again you prove to reality that you are not certain enough for the life you claim you desire through your actions.

But if you are ready to let go and truly free your mind – truly allow yourself to have the dance – you will witness a star born inside a psychedelic nebula, one born just for you.

She will listen to you and trust your direction; she will be the affirmation that you are looking for.

The proof that the world is upside down; that it spins left, right and whichever way you wish it to.

She will understand how you feel about her and life in general, as if you are speaking directly into your own soul.

She will know that when you look into her eyes and speak that you truly believe you are communicating you intention to the universe.

She will understand your alternative perspective and it’s vital purpose on this world that you inhabit…

The way you view things; how you believe that you can change the world.

She will be everything that you ever asked for and then some…

And you will finally have the opportunity to feel something that you thought you killed off about yourself a long time ago.

The trust and bond that you had with reality so long ago…

Light years ago now it feels like but here you are standing at the gates of fulfillment once more.

Once more for the taste of life that you vaguely remember that you had once upon a time, way back before ‘the big sell out’.

You often think to yourself did it really happen, did I actually ever feel as if everything was in it’s right place?

Have I ever felt at home here in this place?

Way back before you witnessed the devastation of believing something that was simply programming, back before you began to wake up.

Before the advertisements and society convinced you that it wasn’t okay to be you…

Before they all had a problem with you simply being who the fuck you are, when you believed that whatever you desired was enough.

When you trusted the words that came out of your mouth, and the thoughts you put down on the pages.

Back to a time when you trusted all decisions you made with absolute certainty and allowed things to happen, and trusted that it was all going to work out for the absolute fucking best.

Absolute certainty that you were writing and crafting the ultimate story and that time would wait for that.

Time would BOW DOWN to that, and recognize who the fuck you were at all times.

If you’ll think back to these times you will remember…

You will be able to see the star dust of the nebula, where all of these things including her were to be born one day.

On this day, right here and right now as you stand before the precipice of the future and decide that you will no longer surrender your mind to these false deities.

You will rewind the collapse of yourself and seize your crown at the highest and mountaintops and become who the fuck you were meant to be and there is only one way to do that.


All the fucking way in…

You can cancel out these old beliefs and these old thoughts about yourself right now; you can say they never even existed.

You can use them for a new story but let it be a new story, just remember who the mother fucker behind the pen actually is.

It is your highest self, the alignement with this person who has the right ideas, the only idea.

The artist within, the one that they just have to fucking accept in their world or they fucking disappear from yours.

The one who creates the magic, the flow and everything in between.

Who creates their world, the ins outs and all the way arounds and does not I repeat does not give one flying fuck about failure.

It will be yours and the old stories you will use as cannon fodder, to fire your name across the sky.

She will be waiting for you, as certain as you are about all the things she will be because she belongs amongst all the things.

She is one with them; a reflection of a world with your certainty.

All of the things hold this value; the things you create in your certainty remain even when lose sight of the magic and they cannot fucking believe you.

They are devastated by your antics, your short term memory of being the king that you are.

The kingdom simply does not have the luxury of entertaining your bullshit as you do.

The worlds that you create are inhabited by real things with real emotions, and you must show up.

They are awaiting your arrival, if you are willing to sit back on the throne and command.

It’s completely up to you and it always is…

Stay in your room and grovel, watch it be torn down brick by brick as you have done time and time again.

Watch the same show on repeat, and induldge yourself in this black and white film, or create this new high defintion movie.

And in this film, you can have her…

Or maybe you don’t.

The choice is yours.

Free your mind,




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