What is it about time that makes us dream of the past, and wish we were there again?

Why do we look back and think things were so much more simple, even though we know they were not?

Looking at Facebook memories we think about how cool it would be to go back to those times and live in those moments again…

Of course – just like much of what goes on in our mind – these are mere illusions.

The relationship you were in was full of arguing and bullshit; the ‘good times’ when you went out with friends were full of drunken rage and regret in the morning.

How many times do you actually remember thinking “things are totally going my way, and I wouldn’t change a thing”?

The more time passes, the more it plays tricks on you.

The more it convinces you that the past and the future have so much more to offer than the present moment.

Join me on this broadcast and learn how to make time your pussy-whipped bitch.

Free your mind,




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