I’ve been waiting to achieve hyperawareness for a while now.

All day as a matter of fact…

Awaiting the download to arrive from that higher dimension, the one that makes the words effortlessly appear on the screen;

That magic that you can’t chase.

The kind that just …appears.

The message comes when your higher self decides to deliver it to you.

It arrives when you stop looking for it; as has proven the case time and time again along this journey.


That’s what coming out of the download right now so that’s what you get.

I’m currently back in the beautiful island of Bali hostel hopping around making my way ever so closer to the beach while also maintaining a strong af wifi connection.

That’s a constant juggling act depending on what part of Bali you are in at any given time.

The town I’m currently visiting, Canggu, is one of those places with dodgy internet connections, but finally I have arrived at a location that seems to has a damn good connection.

That’s the thing…

You can’t have a good connection or a “pretty good” connection out here; it has to be fucking good if you’re going to broadcast as much as I do.

And that “damn good” connection is really only available through a provider called CBN; and you have to stop and make sure the place has it before you decide to land.

But I’m here now at a place walking distance to the beach (got my first surf in this morning), and it’s good.

I had to pass up on an amazing place called The Farm due to internet issues that was like Heaven — with no wifi.

Sorry, Jesus… Gotta have that shit.

I’m stationed at a surf hostel not near as clean and much smaller a muskier, and definitely a party place with mixed dorms, but it’s got that precious high speed data.

Now everything seems to be in order for me to deliver the goods, and so here we are:

I couldn’t ask for a better lifestyle than I currently have right now.

I never imagined I would be able do something like this…

I had heard about people doing things like this when I was a kid, watching movies like EuroTrip.

The most adventure I had was exploring the creeks and forests of East Texas, or the trailer parks of Seagoville.

I always loved to finally land at a new place when my mother traveled for her new job so we could go ransack that shit.

But I never imagined myself doing anything like leaving the country, as I had wrote it off a long time ago.

My family talked about getting good grades in school in order to get a scholarship to college, but never mentioned anything about it if I didn’t get one.

Then once it was apparent I wasn’t ever going to get anything higher than F’s in school, they started talking about me going to trade schools.

Travel was a leisure I’d never considered for myself, so I put it out of mind.

Even when my older brother saved up enough on his own to go to europe, by that time I’d already got into trouble with the government and (falsely) believed that I couldn’t leave the country ever again.

I started to build a simulation about it; fuck it.

It’s stupid.

“Texas is good enough, you know people never leave here and there’s a reason for that. You don’t have to.”

Even though, deep down…

I’d always been a nomad.

I have always craved adventure.

Even when I was being transferred from Texas prison to Texas prison, the moves and the new places excited me.

The thunderstorms of Amarillo; the way the town of Belton reminded me of a painting I’d seen before when the snow fell.

But, “Fuck it”.

I would eventually regain my freedom and settle down in Dallas, and search for the things I believe would give me fulfillment.

Things like a girlfriend and a steady job.

The Sunday night show line-up on HBO; football when the end of Summer rolled around.

Despite doing things like going out, drinking, getting laid and “living it up”, it always seemed like I found myself falling into a trap of looking for something higher.

Some higher purpose.

Inside the simulation, I couldn’t really see what it was.

I couldn’t hear it or touch anything, I would just lash out from time to time.

Most of the time, this would come out when I was drunk.

I remember walking back to my buddies apartment after a night of drinking and punching out the lamp outside the apartment, shattering glass into my hand.

I said “This life pisses me off sometimes. It’s like I can’t TASTE this shit. It’s flavorless.”

The next day, as I would do, I apologized for acting like a fucking lunatic.

He told me that he understood, and that he got what I was trying to say.

Later on I would realize that the “crazy” shit people say when they are drunk is often times the higher self lashing out, wondering why the fuck they are hiding.

In my case, these were reminders being sent down.

Wake-up calls.

I found myself doing this over and over again on repeat.

Get drunk, go crazy, hate myself in the morning.

One thing I wasn’t going back to was crank.

I would never touch that shit again, no matter how bad shit got.

That was the rule…

I’d just deal with however fucking bad things got here; however bad I felt.

For a guy like me, it seemed there was no way out and yet, as the years went by I kept getting little hints about who I was.

I had a girlfriend who told me more about traveling and wanted me to go with her, but I got frustrated with her.

She made it seem so effortless, just up and leaving; and she wanted me to go.

Even when she told me it was possible for me to go with a bad record, it made me angry to think about.

I had a job.

I had things.

I was too old for all of that now.

You can’t just up and leave.

And once inside the Matrix, some become so attached to the world you’ve built that you they’ll fight people who try to unplug them.

I had become one of those people, and here she was trying to get me to look at a world that was far different than the hellscape I had built for myself.

So I sabotaged that; but the seed had already been successfully planted in the wake of the destruction.

I had already begun to dream about this new world, one with absolute freedom and adventures.

I had started to picture myself in these places as a possibility…

Despite all of the obligations I had in my life.

It’s been about four years since that seed was planted.

I sit here, in these bean bags living out life as I was always meant to.

Happy and free of the simulation I had built for myself; free of the hate I had for others living their dreams.

I tried to break down what moved me in that way…

Surely I’d seen advertisements of place to go to.

Surely I’d read books or blog posts from people that had picked up everything and left to go follow their dreams.

What was different was how deeply this other human being believed it was possible for me.

Possible, and easy.

It’s in the same tradition that I write these blog posts for you.

Not because I feel you want to live a life of adventure, but because your message awaits you.

Your art awaits.

The world as you created it, awaits.

I believe in you because you are an artist and a leader like me.

You deserve to be free in a way that you’ve been destined for since the day you were born.

You deserve a world where the impossible is a stepping stone, where the things you’ve been concerning yourself with come easily and readily so you don’t have to worry about them anymore, and you can get back to the art.

You can get back being free to change the world and broadcast your message in whatever format you choose.

A world where you tap into infinite dimensions and access the highest version of yourself that’s out there.

It all starts with that visualization, with first seeing it and then stepping into it.

The hard part is that people can’t even see what that higher version of themselves looks like, but it is trying to communicate, right now — at this very moment.

Your higher self wants to let you know everything that will help make things easier for you…

Not just easier, but help you bridge the gap and become that person sooner, so you can enjoy more life.

This is how we warp time, and most don’t believe it’s possible, yet people do it every day.

Your new world is here right now, whatever that looks like.

You can have the amazing body and the energy of a teenager every day

You can live a free life, one where fucks are a thing of the past

Amazing and easy relationships that are grounded in truth.

A badass fucking business with clients that go out and change the world

That you aren’t afraid to deal with…

People who are more like old friends.

I’ve been working on a new meditation for over a year now…

Not just channeling this higher self, but actively communicating with it.

What’s that person look like?

Only you can know for sure.

Only you are attached to this person in a way that is accessible.

Nobody else can bring it forth, it has to be you.

But they are out there.

There is a you out there that is living the exact life that you were destined for.

In this life, and the next.

It’s all a matter of if you are willing to make some adjustments and try something different.

To question what you’ve learned and been told a thousand times over by society.

This isn’t normal shit, but I’m not a normal person.

And neither are you.

I want to help you summon this person on the other side of the algorithm.

The best version of yourself has already been calculated and holds the keys to this next level of your existence, now you just have to access.

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