So many different things start happening when you broadcast your truth into the universe.

First of all, you’ll notice that those you most people in your circle who know you as the “quiet person” start to get a little uneasy around this truth.

And that’s understandable…

That’s to be expected!

Most of the time this will be because you were presenting someone totally different from the time you met.

This is the truth with the jobs you worked, the relationships and friendships you got into while presenting this front.

They are unfamiliar with this sudden change, and most of the time the only way they know how to deal with it is by distancing themselves from you.

You know that you’ve always been this person you’ve decided to show to the world, but they are seeing something totally new.

It appears like a front to them because of the way you presented yourself to begin with.

You had a goal in mind when you met them, and that was to get them to like you.

Guess what happens when you are no longer the person that fits that profile?

You guessed it: They don’t like you, and they sure as hell don’t give a shit about your truth!

So you achieved your goal, and now you have a new one: To be yourself and go all in on that.

To start creating your reality as you see fit, without worrying what other think about that shit.

Don’t be surprised now that so many people start dropping off like flies.

Fear not, and don’t get booty hurt when you start seeing the blocks and disappearances on social media.

It’s all part of your process.

The sometimes dirty work of stepping into your truth.

You might watch EVERYONE you know completely disappear from your life, depending on how much you hid from the rest of the world.

You may be left with no social circle.

But things will get better.

New people will show up, and they will be of a far greater quality than the house of lies you just burned down.

Life will continually get better and better from there, and the only way to go will be up.

True connections you can appreciate; a business where you answer to nobody.

And best of all: You will truly be free, and the truth will get you there.

Check out this livestream and discover more reasons people drop off when you start speaking your truth.

And don’t forget…


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