Let me ask you something… Who are you?

No really, who are YOU?

The reason I ask is because night, I talked to a girl who came up to me at the club and laid it all out there.

She had no barriers which is rare these days, just one of the increasingly small amount of people who was cool with sharing exactly who they are right up front.

Her views on art, what moves her, her fears… She had nothing to hide and I could tell she wasn’t lying.

I knew that’s who she was, because when you can tell, the conversation is different.

It caused me to stop and think a bit.

Normally, I have to speak people a while before they give me the real version.

Sometimes, this takes weeks.



But most of the time, I don’t think I’m ever going to truly know most people.

As we were talking, I looked around at everyone on the dance floor and the contrast between this girl and everyone else out there.

Reality warped and I could now see everyone wearing a mask.

Like one of the Eyes Wide Shut parties, where the elites act out their darkest fantasies hidden under cloaks and costumes.

As I looked around, I realized I was sitting in judgement, as I didn’t know any of these people.

I reached up to touch my face and realized I was wearing my mask as well.

Which is something that I struggle with, my biggest battle.

I spend four hours a day reading books on the matter, and thousands of dollars with coaches to destroy this part of myself.

To get rid of the programming.

I never feel like it’s enough…

Of course, if I have such a hard time with this, so does most everyone else.

And they do; and that’s the problem with this world.

The lack of authentic communication between humans.

The fact that we’re all just out here lying to each other.

Why do we do it?

Because …we’re afraid of getting canceled.

We’re afraid of people leaving us, or rejecting us from society.

Afraid it might fuck with our business, and we might lose a little money.

Lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed the walls closing in more and more on who the world actually says you can be.

It’s not just because you’re getting older, and have more responsibilities, more to lose — it’s the culture we live in.

This is the part that nobody really wants to speak about publicly, the part we’ll all pretend isn’t happening, and hoping doesn’t happen to us.

We’re just hoping that we don’t get canceled, but…

Newsflash: We’re all getting canceled soon.

I’m enthusiastically waiting for this to happen.

I’m laughing at this clown world… I’ve taken the clown pill.

Because to me, living in a plastic world is not for me.

As Dave Chappelle said it “I just can’t live in this new world you’re proposing”.

It just doesn’t taste right to me.

I can’t enjoy this place if all we’re putting on is this fucking front.

But it’s all getting canceled, and I know some people will say I have a nihilistic view of things but SHUT THE FUCK UP.

What I see is reality forcing us to accept that we have been holding back, and make decision.

Your message, your voice, …you.

Whatever it is that you feel you want to speak about but keep to yourself.

That voice inside your mind when you are alone, the one that let’s you know that you are something more.

The metric for which you know that you are different than everyone else, the individual that will never be part of this twisted hive mind…

It won’t always be there.

The shit you are sitting on the sidelines holding to yourself, it’ll be canceled, too.

What they’re coming for is the way you THINK, so pretty soon you won’t even be able to be yourself anymore, if you keep acting like a little bitch.

And of course this is not profitable in the monetary sense.

My mentor is as fringe a coach as it gets.

The sheep flee away from him, because when you listen, there’s no choice but to be authentic.

Many of these coaches are preaching authenticity but then telling everyone else they shy away from certain subjects.

What the fuck is that?

There are plenty millionaires and billionaires who talk politics and everything else under the sun.

Some people call this “fuck you” money.

But think about it…

Let’s take Lebron James who was very outspoken about Colin Kaepernick and the perceived injustices the American judicial system.

Lebron was putting his message out there and fighting for what he believed in at first.

I imagine at this time he felt as if he was truly a messenger, a weight lifted off his shoulders by truly speaking his mind.

Turns out, that was just some easy shit.

When it came to speak on something he could really take a stand on, and make an impact, taking a stand against the injustices of a totalitarian regime — China, something we’re all pretty much united on, he folded.


Because it would have hit his fat ass wallet.

The work and true test is when your bottom line is on the line.

Obviously the Kaepernick shit didn’t effect his bottom line.

(Shows ya how much the NBA gave a fuck about that protest.Why the fuck are these people still supporting any of these clowns is beyond me.)

Every dollar you gain in this regard is a piece of your heart and integrity lost.

I know because every time I hold back from speaking something that’s on my mind, I feel a piece of myself drift away.

But these mother fuckers will sell themselves out and blame it on their kids or family, when really all it is is them being a straight up pussy.

You want to see what’s waiting on the other side of staying quiet?

There’s a video on YouTube of a guy in Washington DC interviewing Chinese tourists about what they think of their government.

Not one person had a bad word to say about.


Because it’s fucking illegal.

You ask any American what they dislike about their government, and the list goes on.

This is happening to every aspect of your life, but politics is just the beginning.

People are stuck in relationships where they refuse to speak ills of a totalitarian regime.

People are living lives on instagram and social media, refusing to show the world any negative (or real) side.

The hard conversations need to be had.

The arguments must be had.

YOU must show up.

Are we are all okay with this surface level bullshit, or if we have had enough of it.

Otherwise we’ll live around a bunch of sell-outs paying for things they don’t even enjoy.

You can still be authentic and run a business, this has been proven.

You can have all of the things you’re looking for when you speak the truth, and even more.

You can have the things that truly matter.

Everything can be real again.

All you have to do is help people get massive fucking results in their lives, and that comes from buckling down and doing the work.

Going all in on and being the best at what you do.

And not being a little bitch.

Lebron is the best, he could take a stand and take that hit, and still come out on top.

He could easily make em an offer they can’t refuse…

But he has willingly sold his identity.

On the flip side, do you think fucking Chik Fil A is going to start opening on Sundays?


They’re going to tell you to “suck an egg” and continue to stay open.

Do you think Kanye is going to stop speaking his mind?


And people are still going to buy his shit, no matter what.

The only thing stopping anyone is fear.

I stand before this culture with a defiant message: CANCEL ME you fucking bitches.

I’m ready for you to show your true colors.

I’m ready to see you try and shatter the mirror.

I trust my reality, I trust that there is something bigger in the stars for myself, and I know that there is nothing to fear except the fear itself.

Which doesn’t even exist.

Free your mind,

Yung y33t
Your Imaginary Friend

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