I’ve been doing things the hard way my whole life.

Usually for various reasons…

When I was younger, I did things the hard way because I didn’t like people telling me what to do.

I didn’t like teachers telling me that I couldn’t do things like run in the hallway…

Bitch, I’m trying to make it to class on time.

(I’ve always tried to make it places on time, despite the disdain the rest of the world has for this.)


Fuck teachers. Well, the traditional ones at least.


That’s about where it started, and then went from there.

I have a problem with authority, maybe because I consider myself the authority.

That’s always the basic ingredient anyone needs to start out life on the wrong foot (or the right one, depending on who you’re talking to),

While this education is geared to fit round holes into square pegs, there you stand with middle fingers in their faces.

And obviously they are older and bigger and whatever…

But whatever.

The hard way.

Trying to get my bearings this morning, bear with me.

Speaking of which-staying on track… A constant challenge for the attention deficit.

I remember the first time those fucks tried to put me on Zoloft.

I was in the sixth grade, and they sent me to the doctor.

He asked me what was wrong and I’d barely got out a full sentence when he had an “aha!” moment and gave me a colorful bottle of blue pills

That’s when I felt that feeling for one of the first times

Getting fucked

That’s when I could really tell…

These mother fuckers ain’t shit.


In a world of constant bitching and change.org petitions, be the fucking change.

Fuck the pharmaceutical industry and the educational system.

Let’s go

The hard way

A road you easily get started on as a kid, and then choose to go down as an adult


Because that’s the best way you learn.

Matter fact…

That’s HOW you learn.

You excel much more than anyone else, you know much more than anyone else

(That’s right bitches, I know how and when you’re fucking up)

Sure, you could have done everything right, but there’s SO much to learn…

After all, if you know the outcome already, you see all these fucks going to Harvard…

Why would I choose that standard outcome?

So boring…

Okay okay I know if I just read all these investment books and focus fully on the clients I will create the ultimate business

Amazon 101

And yet, here we are getting caught up doing something like dropping all the way into some elaborate marketing scheme that someone else claims worked for them

The hard way 101

Or hiring all your friends

Or going into business with a 50/50 partner

Or doing things that don’t even remotely align with anything you REALLY want to do anyways


Building fucking funnels

It seems like everybody wants to build a funnel these days

Who the fuck wants to do that, really?

People decided they wanted to integrate software and plug this into that and then troubleshoot?

I don’t fucking think so…

When people tell me they want to build funnels, I know that person needs to go back to the drawing board.

I know that person ‘bout to do shit –

You guessed it-

The hard way!

“There’s the eaaaasssy waaayyyyyy, and then there’s that haaaard way.”

And then people be like “Okay Pat what the fuck are you talking about then. Funnels are the easy way…”

Yeah Russell made it so easy for you, right?

You know what you didn’t learn throughout all this?

You know what you didn’t “hack”?

A soul, mother fucker.

A personality.

A why.

You can’t hack this stuff.

You have to do some deep inner work to be able to cross those lines and achieve what say a Ryan Stewman, Dan Henry or whoever has.

They have a MESSAGE…

So let me give you the “secret” and make it SO EASY for you

But again, you’re going to neglect this (probably)

Because you just gotsta be doin it dat hard way

We’re going to execute the hard way today

That’s right I said it

12:00 midnight we are going to pull back curtains and John Coffee that mother fucker

Why wait til then let’s do it right meow…

So the secret sauce is to find out your message and deliver that to your audience.

Plain and simple…

Then start selling them more of you.

Very easy…

You don’t have to deviate from this, it is what it is.

You are different if you are an entrepreneur of any sort…



Stop it.

Here’s the cold hard truth that you’re either going to accept or not.

What you REALLY WANT is the feeling you would get from dominating the world…

Oh shit…

Sorry I’m just over here making sense.

But think about it-

Do you think Jeff Bezos is really living a fulfilled lifestyle??

Do you think it’s EASY for him?

Hell no.

This mother fucker is plugged into his own chains, his own world.

I know this to be true because he consistently uses the Washington Post to bitch about the president on a daily

Anyone who sits around hating on the president all day is honestly not living an easy life.

Trust me…

I used to hate on Obama (publicly) back when I was a loser.

Fuck that.

What a waste of time.

That’s not for winners…

And again, here’s the hard way sneaking up on us again.


Then you have Tai Lopez. Living his dream life every single day…

Buying Jordans and living like a kid.

Doing basically what I imagine more kids would want to do if you asked them what they’d do with a million dollars.


His life is geared towards an easy alignment.

Your message, get it down.

Call in the people you want to work with, the right people, the activities that you love doing, and make it happen.


Oh yeah-Make it easy on yourself when you build your company, too.

If shit seems like it getting hard, walk away from it.

I get offers all the time to build funnels for random businesses that make my eyes glaze over when I hear the subject….


How do these folks lock themselves into such numbers and bullshit?

I’m out.

Let’s do it the easy way, folks.


This goes for relationships, too.

People put themselves in the position of doing that the hard way, too.

You know this person isn’t right, you know there’s just something off about the situation

But you want to just dive right into that hard way.

Stop it…

You know something is easy when you feel it.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves…

and go make life easy on ourselves.

Or build something for years and years and years and then get divorced and get half your shit taken.

Then you’ll have some real good stories and experience.

I think I’ll pass on that…

Let me ask you something.

Would you take $80 million from someone, no strings attached, or would you rather work for $30 million?

If you said work for $30 million you need to go unfuck yourself.

Don’t feel bad,

A lot of successful entrepreneurs say $80 mil to this question.

All it means if you have that hard thinking…

Because here’s what you need to understand:

You’re going to learn the same lessons losing that 50 million as you would earning 30 mil, and still have 30 million.

You want life to be hard?

Give up all your shit and move your ass to Iraq and tell everyone you love dick.


Free your mind,


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