I’m sick of watching these people I know that have it, squander it.

No, they don’t just have it, they are IT.


Yeah YOU, mother fucker.

I see you out here playing this game like a little bitch, and it’s pissing me off.

Getting into little arguments with this person or that person.

Concerning yourself with this persons life or that persons life.

Scrolling, watching, scrolling, watching…

What’s the point of this shit?

Watching someone else, listening to them talking about what you need to do and how you need to do it?

Listening to them talk about you, then this person or that person.

What the FUCK

Let me go ahead and lay down the law cuz I got some major shit weighing on my mind.

This kind of balderdash ruins my vibe like a song that starts out good, and then veers off the rails.

You know what I think when that happens?

It woulda been better if I created the shit.

If I would have had that idea, that moment in time connected to that alternate universe, I would have created something a gazillion times better.

Do you get annoyed by shit like that?

I know you fucking do.

The same way, I am annoyed by you and your bullshit.

I am annoyed that there is nothing but garbage ass music in this simulation right now.

A bunch of fake ass surface level bullshit that makes my tastebuds wilt


You manifested me here to cause chaos, to cause you to bring that new shit out.

To cause you to dive into your home world and bring forth something worthy of the gods

Out here playing with your dick

Playing games inside this simulation

Playing everybodies game but your own

You talked shit about people playing Farmville but now you’re out here farming

You talked shit about people playing Candy Crush but now you’re out here sending more game invites than peoples grandmas

Fuck any game you are trying play except your own

Oh shit, dawg, you got you a car, a motorcycle a home and some kids.

Whose game was that?

You were supposed to be halfway around the world by now, shiiitt…

Fuck the future, fuck the past, the game doesn’t recognize that, it recognizes what’s happening right now

If your moment isn’t real right now then you need to reset that shit

You are IT

You act like that’s not enough

You act like that the world won’t cave to your every request when you start owning that

You act like these people you’re so worried about won’t become your toys

You need to start looking at them for what they truly are


Measurements that show you the level of garbage out there, every second you don’t release your craft into the world

How long before you decide to shit on these bitches

I’m ready

I’m ready for you to drop a bomb on the world and blow our fucking minds

I’m ready

For you to connect to YOUR world, and bring forth the creations

You got a job? That’s a fucking game

You own a business doing well but not you? Game shit

Wife that’s about to take half of everything you own? Games

You’re living out all these scenarios that have absolutely nothing to do with what you’re actually supposed to be doing right now

Way off in left field

But you need to realize you own this thing and that you ARE it

It’s time to connect back to your art

Because your art is IT, too

It’s what we need more of, and less of these fucking retards.

At any time, you can put your hands on the steering wheel and jerk that shit in the direction you want it to go

Or you can surrender, take your hands off the wheel and press the gas

Crash us into a wall

And I’d be fine with that

As long as we are being fucking real here

You can own the world in a way that they were never meant to

They were never born for it like this

Their journeys can be charted from start to finish because they live in the physical

The proof is EVERYWHERE

You just have to look, really look at everything you’re actually looking at…

Everything they do is LESS THAN

Everything they are is missing something that you HAVE

Everything sucks until you put that piece of you inside it

Look around at the world

Everything is missing SOMETHING

Everything is missing you

And that’s the point

That’s the way this place was built


Surface level

Until you drop your balls and decide to release that

Until you drop the mother fucking act

These people aren’t going to bring you out of you

You’re the one that has to do it

You won’t be able to sell out

You won’t be able to live it any other way

You know this

That everything is available

That the lies you tell yourself are dumb af

That when you decide to, tap into your passion

the words will flow

The message will erupt

The work will be easy

The world will fucking orgasm

Reality will cum

The fulfillment will cum quicker

The money will cum hard and fast

This a nasty post all of a sudden

Fuck it tho

Stop wasting our time.

Free your mind,



You ready to start the inner work needed to make the shift?

Then let’s. fucking. go.

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